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# 1  7/31/2014 12:33 AM

Donald K
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I have a 1998 Subaru  the A C is not working I put in a new ac dryer and put refrigerate in  and it is still not cooling and the compressor went up to 500 and I had to drain it off could my compressor be bad what do you think could be the problem?  It is a impreza outback 2.2 engine.



# 2  7/31/2014 3:19 AM

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Re: A C

Did you evacuate the system before putting the correct charge into the system? How much of a charge did you put into the system?

I would need to know what the low side pressure is when the high side reaches 500 PSI.

Are the cooling fans working when the A/C is turned on?

I would need to know the answers to these questions before I can go further.

Get back to me when you can.
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