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Fuel management engine

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Fuel management engine

Question: I have an 2007 Silverado 1500 with 5.3 Vortec engine. last fall I developed a miss, accompanied with StabiliTrak code, ended up replacing stuck lifter on # 5 cylinder. A few weeks ago engine started missing again intermittently with no check engine light, it hasn't gotten bad enough to pinpoint which cylinder it's coming from as of yet, I suspect I'm having the same issue as before. My question is, can I replace the lifters on the fuel management cylinders with regular lifters and have my ECM reprogrammed with the management system disabled?



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Re: Fuel management engine

A misfire will give you a Powertrain DTC, but sometimes it will also turn on the stability control light and shut down the system due to the powertrain problem.

As far as swapping lifters if different between fuel management and non-management cylinders, and disabling fuel management? The answers are no, and no. If the lifters are different, it's for a necessary reason. And manufacturers don't allow disabling fuel management, because that's how they met MPG regulations.

Either wait until the misfire is bad enough to set a DTC, or get it to the dealership for diagnosis. If they can get it to misfire just once on a test drive, they can take a "snapshot" and determine which cylinder is causing the problem. You don't want to assume it's a lifter. Could be an ignition coil, oil fouled spark plug, etc.
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