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Re: Car heat while AC is on

My dear,  yesterday the heat hit the 260 degree mark after the clutch stopped working!

What I'm asking, is it normal from the clutch to switch off before the temp goes down 220 or 210 or it's not normal.
OK if it's not normal what could make the clutch go off ?

Is it the relay or what?



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Re: Car heat while AC is on

The relay would be the next step to look into. A scanner can determine if the PCM is commanding the relay to turn the fan on. If the command is there to turn the fan on and it is not on it could be the relay. As I mentioned in post #6 I said to have your mechanic check the fan clutch relay for proper operation!

It could also be a coolant temperature sensor for the computer not the gauge. If this sensor is sending a wrong temperature reading different from the sensor sending a signal to the gauge then the PCM (computer) will not turn on the fan command and the engine will overheat.

Like I said before, this is where a scanner is to be used to check all the sensors that are needed inputs for the computer to control the fan. A scanner can see if the computer commands the fan to be on or off. If the command is there to turn on the fan and it is not on then further diagnostics are needed to look at the other switches and sensors and relays that also contribute to the operation of the fan. These are some of the sensors that control the fan operation:

•Engine coolant temperature sensor
•A/C refrigerant pressure sensor
•Vehicle speed sensor
•Intake air temperature sensor
•Transmission fluid temperature sensor
•Ambient air temperature sensor

Out of all of your posts you never mentioned the temperature reached 260 degrees. You mentioned two notches. I also failed to ask you if you had a V6 or a V8 engine.

Get back to me with your results when you can.
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