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Rear inner axel seal ??

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Rear inner axel seal ??

Hello Plymouth owners. I have a 36P1 business coupe. I am trying to replace the inner axel seals.
Plymouth made a bunch of changes in 1937 leaving my ride much different for seals. I have new seals that are in one piece with a spring and seal material that is supposed to be the inner seal. But on my rear axel it is different.
The term is an " oil washer " where the back side is permanently attached with some sort of silver weld. Next there is a felt seal about 1/2 inch wide and then the front washer. The books are calling this a "rear inner seal oil washer".
The book clearly indicates that the oil seal can be removed. I am at a loss as to how to proceed with the installation of these newer seals? What would be the axel configuration and the replacement procedure for this "oil washer"? What kind of part is needed? Does any one know what would be the next thing to do. I'm saying this inner washer is PERMANENTLY attached. Thanks for any suggestions.



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Re: Rear inner axel seal ??

We don't have any information on a car this old, but Google it and see what you can find.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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