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AC stopped cooling

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AC stopped cooling

I'm hoping it just needs a charge. Let me say I am an automotive challenged female who wants to do this on her own.... can someone PLEASE help me... and if that doesn't work what do I do next ??



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Re: AC stopped cooling

It is difficult to answer this because I don't have a history or enough information on this problem. It could be just a recharge that is the most probable cause for an A/C system not getting cold; but it also could be an electrical problem as well.

The only way to determine this is to have a set of gages put on the truck to see if it has any refrigerant at all. If it does not then you would have to find the leak in the system before it can be recharged.

If it is just low and you can hear the compressor clutch cycle on and off quickly then that is a good indication that the system is low on refrigerant and would just need to have a can of R 134a added to the system to top it off.

Any local auto parts store has simple kits that have a gage and hose on the can that you can buy to see if a charge is needed. Just follow the instructions on the can and add the refrigerant, the gage should read about 30 psi with the system running when charged correctly. The can with the gage and hose would probably run about twenty to 30 dollars; it depends on the store and what brand you buy.

If you need any more help you can get back to me with more detailed information about your problem.

That is the best I can offer you with the limited information you supplied. The other option is bringing it to a professional to have it diagnosed properly.
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