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new compressor not working

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new compressor not working

I have a 1999 GMC c2500 Suburban I put a new compressor in and receiver  and orifice.  it did not work I took it to someone and they said that its not getting power and it will not kick on nor my clutch also he said that the compressor would not take any more freon it only took about 12 ounces. why do you think its not working or what can I do



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Re: new compressor not working

Recheck your work first to make sure you didn't leave any ground wires loose or disconnected, all connections at the compressor and accumulator are good.

Be sure the A/C controls are all in the proper position for the compressor to operate properly.

Check your fuses; the first fuse to check is in the under hood fuse panel it would be the A/C fuse (10) amp. Also check the fuse in the instrument panel number 12 (heater/A/C) 25 amp. You need power on both sides. If power is good check for power at the A/C compressor relay. It is located in the under hood fuse block. Check for power and ground. Also check the relay for proper operation. Swap it with a known good relay for a quick check.

Also check for power at the A/C compressor low cut out switch on the accumulator. You can jump out the switch connector and see if the compressor engages. If it engages try to recharge the system with it jumped. When you are finished remove the jumper and plug it into the switch again to see if the compressor works properly. If it does not work connected then you may have a faulty low pressure cut out switch.

If nothing works and it all checks out then the worst it could be would be a bad PCM, it controls compressor function.

I am sending two wiring schematics for the compressor circuit, I hope it helps you.

Let me know how you make out.

Schematics were provided by the Alldata automotive information website.
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