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will not start

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will not start

I have a 86 Camaro with a 355 motor and it has a push button start it was fine for a couple days and now it will not start I though it might be the battery but that's fine  I have no power going to the button




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Re: will not start

A fusible link is like a fuse wire when it is blown it will burn inside the wire, you won't be able to see it just by looking at it. A fusible link is a wire that is 2 gages thinner than the original gage wire. You can buy fusible link wire at the auto parts store. 

There are I think two or three fusible links at the starter and at least two at the battery.

Check for current at the starter and check all wires from the starter for current to the push button. You may find a wire that will have current on one side of it and no current on the other side. That would be a blown fusible link.

Trace your wires to from the push button and notice where it may be spliced or connected into like a wire from the starter; these would be fusible links. There are fusible links at the battery and at the starter.

If they check out ok at the starter then check the links at the battery.

Get back to me if you need more help.
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