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Van won't stay running

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Van won't stay running

My van just stopped running, we put starting fluid into it and after a few try's it started up but then died right a away. We were able to start it a few times and it ran for about 3 to 5 seconds then stalled out. 1991 Toyota Previa



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Re: Van won't stay running

The fact that the van starts with starting fluid shows that you have spark and compression in the engine.

The next area to check is to see if you have fuel pressure.

The fuel pressure should be about 30 - 36 PSI (206 - 245 kPa) at idle and 38 - 44 PSI (265 - 304 kPa)  at wide open throttle.

There is mention of a fusible link next to the battery probably at or on the under hood fuse box. Check for burned wires in that area, sometimes you have to pull on the wires to see if the wire is broken or burned on the inside.

Check fuses for the fuel pump and fuel injectors and check for proper operation of the fuel pump relay. Check for loose wire connections at the fuel pump and body grounds. If you have current at the fuel pump and still no fuel pressure then you would probably need a fuel pump.

Get back to me when you can.
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