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Re: My fuel pump is not getting power

Hey thank you very much for responding. I replaced both of them at the same time. I took my buddies advice and bought the new alternator / fuel pump.( he's not a mechanic by trade ). Anyways, I found the issue.The ground that splits off the fuel pump wires by the door was broke from when I got hit in the back passenger side about a month and a half ago. Its little clip was broke so it wasn't doing its job. fixed that but now the car idles @ 2000 and the check engine light is back on. I'm wondering if I didn't connect the fuel pump right?



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Re: My fuel pump is not getting power

Before you do anything check the computer for any codes. The fuel pump wiring if not changed by you or the accident shouldn't give you the condition you are having.

Scan the car and go from there. Let me know what you found and we can go on from there.
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