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2001 Buick Park Ave Ignition Lock Cylinder Change

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2001 Buick Park Ave Ignition Lock Cylinder Change

I have a 2001 Buick Park Ave. The tumblers in the ignition lock cylinder are broken. I am seeing parts listing for a new lock cylinders without keys. Will my old PK3 keys work in the new cylinder and will I have to reprogram the old keys?"



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Re: 2001 Buick Park Ave Ignition Lock Cylinder Change

The lock cylinders without keys would have to have new keys cut to fit the new lock cylinder and you would need the correct key coded for the antitheft system if equipped. You would not be able to use your old keys.

If your old keys have the black chip in it; bring in your old key to a locksmith and he has equipment to detect the correct key code, then you can get the correct lock cylinder that are already has keys cut for that cylinder and is coded for your car system.

Then all you have to do is install the new cylinder.

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