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2007 MY Rolls Royce Phantom, I have trouble.Please Help!

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2007 MY Rolls Royce Phantom, I have trouble.Please Help!

Please looking for some technical help here on how to troubleshoot this!sad

The warning of "Engine hood open" is displayed.
Although the engine hood is actually closed, it is indicated by warning during a run.
But, it is not displayed during a stop.

Then, although the Tester full-scan was tried, warning is not contained in the history.
Furthermore, although the engine hood sensor was exchanged for a new part, it is not improved at all.

Does a possibility of thinking now have in the fault of the wiring, or the module which this sensor is connected.
I can not think of anything except these 2-points.

I really appreciate any helps anyone can provide as I'm not sure how to proceed.
Thank you in advance!smile



# 2  12/24/2013 3:51 PM

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Re: 2007 MY Rolls Royce Phantom, I have trouble.Please Help!

We don't have access to RR wiring schematics. If you can add an image of the related circuits we can talk you through diagnosis.

Note: If your scanner was showing the hood switch input (On/Off), and it was Off while the indicator was On, this suggests a problem on the command side of the module. Meaning a bad module, shorted circuit between the module and instrument cluster, or a problem in the cluster itself.

Also want to be sure the hood switch input changes when opening and closing the hood.
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