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1.) Engine cooling fan (2.) a starting problem

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1.) Engine cooling fan (2.) a starting problem

Well I got this 96 Ford Escort LX 1.9L and (1.) since I have had it I've had to hook up the engine cooling fan directly to the battery. The guy I got it from hooked a wire up to the wires leading to the fan so it could reach the battery and when I asked him why he said it was because the fan wouldn't kick on and off properly. I'm not sure if it wasn't kicking off or if it wasn't kicking on, he didn't say. Just want to know what I have to  fix because not only is it annoying hooking it up every time I start it or shut it off but it concerns me being hooked  up that way... (2.) My car after I start it up and drive it only a block or two and shut it off it will not start back up for at least two hours. It cranks over like it wants to start but it just wont start. I thought that it was the fuel pump so I bought a new one, put it in, and it started right up and I drove it around the block, got home shut it off and it still didn't start, cranked just didn't start ( I also replaced the alternator about a month before that. Don't know if that will help you cancel out a possible problem or not) so I was looking around and on my distributor I found a small crack right where the electrical port (not sure what it's called) and the distributor meet. Was wondering if that would be my problem or not, and would like to know if I fixed that and still didn't solve the problem what would some of the other possible causes could be cause it has had me baffled for the past few months now. Thanks for your time and I hope I. said enough to help you figure this out.



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Re: 1.) Engine cooling fan (2.) a starting problem

The cooling fan is controlled by the Power train Control Module (PCM). Models equipped with air conditioning have a dual speed electrical cooling fan and two fan control relays located in the front left hand corner of engine compartment. Models less air conditioning have a single speed fan.

There is also a coolant temperature sensor for the computer that controls the cooling fan, fan relay (hi and low) and cooling fan resistor.

If you can get your hands on a scanner or have a shop diagnosis the problem for you (diagnostic fee) this can save you a lot of time.

The fan is controlled by the PCM. It receives coolant temperature information form the sensor and then sends a signal to the relays which turn on the fan(s). The mechanic can see on the scanner if the PCM is sending the signal and turning on the relay(s) for the fan. 

When the engine won't start you need to check for spark and fuel pressure. I know you replaced the fuel pump but it could also be other problems within the fuel system.

No spark could be a sensor problem; the PCM receives a lot of information from electrical sensors on the engine that is why the problem should be scanned for trouble codes and if sensors could be out of there operating range or not operating at all causing this problem.

Get the car scanned for trouble codes first, you can get it scanned for free at Auto Zone then go on from there.

Get back to me with this information so we can diagnosis the problem further.
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