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Front crank shaft gear

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Front crank shaft gear

I am replacing parts of an old motor onto a new motor, everything is ready to go except I am having trouble with the crankshaft gear and pulley, every time I start tightening the pulley it pushes the gear and seal in, then the pulley rides inside the timing cover, am I missing something between the crankshaft gear to hold it in place so it won't be pushed in when I tighten the pulley bolt, I have to get this done now, please help. The engine is a Toyota 4Y forklift engine, also used in cars.

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Re: Front crank shaft gear

It's obvious that something is different. You will have to compare the parts from your old engine to the new one.

Compare the timing covers, crankshaft vibration dampers, gear thickness and if there are any spacers.

You may have to use something from the old engine to make this work.

If all of the parts are the same then measure the length of the crankshaft coming out of the engine on the new one then compare the measurement to the old one.

If you still can't see the problem; call the manufacturer of the new engine and talk to a rebuilder who might be familiar with this problem.  He could have a remedy and parts required to fix the problem.
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