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removing interior door panels

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removing interior door panels

Replacing the interior of my 71 TR6 my question; Is there an easy way or a trick to removing the window crank and the door opener handle? There appears to be a pin in the handles that needs to be removed, should this be tapped out using a small drift pin or is there another method?



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Re: removing interior door panels

There seems to be a trick to this procedure and it could be difficult for the first time.

The bezel spring can cause problems here and can be frustrating. Push the bezel back against the spring that sits under and or behind the handle. You will then see the 'shaft' of the winder or door handle. There is a hole in this at 90 degrees to each and through one of these there is a small slightly tapered pin, the same length of  the diameter of the handle shaft of the window and or door handle.

You will probably need to rotate the handle so it will be easier to work on. You can use a similar diameter drill bit or a 1/8th welding rod to push out the pin or you can use a tool like a dental pick or transmission pick to help push it out.

Getting the pin back in can be just as hard you may need needle nose pliers or tweezers to help put the pin in.
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