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front suspension

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front suspension

I hit a curb awhile back and damaged the wheel on the drivers front. I replaced the wheels and tires since. I have had my truck at several different shops. No one seems to know what my problem could be. I put shocks all the way around. my problem is the front left sits an inch or two lower than the right. on level ground it looks as if the front left wheel is in a hole. the clearance from the top of the tire to the inside of the wheel well is closer on the left than the right. the truck handles and drives fine, it just bugs me to look at it.



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Re: front suspension

A mechanic who works on a car or truck after it has a hard front end hit should of did measurements of the front end frame and suspension to see if anything other than the wheels were bent after incident. This could have been noticed when a wheel alignment is done and they could recommend you to see a body shop to have these measurements done.

To know more I would need to know the year of the truck, the model and if it is four wheel drive.

A body shop can do measurements on the frame to see if it is actually bent out of position.

They may be helpful in inspecting the front end to make sure none of the suspension parts that help support the truck are out of factory specs.
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