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Transmission Question

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Transmission Question

This is a question about a 1991 Mercedes 350SDL. I am looking to buy this car from a guy. The car looks great. He told me he had a problem with the fan on the front. A local guy fixed it and unhooked the battery while doing so. He got fan fixed but said that because the battery was unhooked that the transmission has to be reset or something to make it work. Is that something that sounds right or is he feeding me a line of crap? If that is correct do I have to take it somewhere to have in done or is it something I can do myself? Thanks in advance. Joe



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Re: Transmission Question

The transmission is controlled by a computer and might need to be reprogrammed at the Mercedes dealer or local qualified repair shop if there was an electronic error or malfunction that corrupts the transmission program in the transmission computer.

When the battery is disconnected most of the modules in the car lose there memory and need to be reprogrammed at the dealer or your local professional repair shop. It happens to most cars these days.

It would be good for him to take it to the dealer first and have the dealer check it out with a scanner for any trouble codes in the transmission and to reprogram the module (computer) with the latest software version if needed.

You can also have the dealer check the car out before you buy it.

If he wants to sell the car it would be a good faith type of gesture for him to do so you don't inherit his problems
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