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Power steering inop

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Power steering inop

My 2002 Silverado doesn't want to turn to the right, power steering goes away. Turning left is no problem. I lifted my front wheels off of the ground to check my power steering left to right and back. Steering works perfectly left, right and back. I looked underneath to look for bent or damaged tie rods and everything looks good. No whining, fluid is good. A little lost. Could it be steering box?

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Re: Power steering inop

Have the front end checked to make sure there are not any tight parts that could cause this problem.

If the front end checks out then a pressure test should be performed on the power steering system. This can confirm if the problem is in the power steering pump or in the steering gear or gear box.

The problem could be a stuck or clogged valve in the steering box or worn seals causing the stiffness in the steering to the right side.

The problem is repairable and you should not have to get a new steering box or steering gear which ever you have in your truck.

The steering will have to be taken apart and inspected to determine the extent of the repair.
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