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Any upgrade kit to disk brakes ?

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Any upgrade kit to disk brakes ?

I want to upgrade drums to disk brakes on a 1953 Plymouth wagon. I haven't found any companies that offer anything for these models. Anyone have info on any later Chrysler parts that might fit this year model? (example: Ford Granada spindles/rotors, etc. will fit 1955 Ford) I don't want to go the front clip route as the car is a cruiser, not a hot rod. Thanks.



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Re: Any upgrade kit to disk brakes ?

I found this conversion kit on Ebay. I left the short cut below.

Remember the safety relies on your skill and craftsmanship. This kit does not include the information you need for the master cylinder.

Please do all of your homework on this project, the safety is in your hands not the information you get from the kit.  Good luck.…5654d37cba
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