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Truck dies while driving down a road, but always restarts.

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Truck dies while driving down a road, but always restarts.

1999 Dodge 1500 Magnum with 5.2L. OK at cold or hot running temp the truck dies, I can drive 3 days and no problems, then in 1 day it will stall 5 time always restarting but each wait time is different...but I can always tell without fail if the truck is going to restart, when I turn the key in the on position, the temperature and AMP gauge will come up to half way and it starts. On some instances the truck does not want to idle after it stalls and I have to keep it running. Please help.



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Re: Truck dies while driving down a road, but always restarts.

When the truck stalls do you lose power to the truck like the dash gauges?  You mentioned that you can tell when the truck will start by looking at the gauges. If you lose power to the gauges with the key on and the truck won't start then it could be an indication the ignition switch is faulty.

You should have the truck scanned for any trouble codes first before you diagnosis any further.

Stalling can be caused by a few conditions. The idle air control valve (IAC) if it is caked up with carbon (coking) it can cause a stalling condition. Cleaning the throttle valve and idle air control valve with a qualified cleaner should be done.

Some ignition parts like a crank sensor can cause a stalling problem.

All of these can be checked by a qualified mechanic with a scanner not a code reader.

There are two service bulletins on stalling; one mentions the antitheft system. Part of "No Start" diagnosis on vehicles equipped with VTSS should include a verification check of the power supply to the Central Timer Module (CTM). The CTM provides the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) with an "OK To Start" message via the CCD bus. If the message is not received by the PCM, the PCM will not allow the engine to start. Initially, the engine may start and stall but will eventually not start at all. Most CTM's are supplied battery voltage through the power door lock fuse. An inspection of the fuse should be one of the initial diagnostic checks performed. If the fuse is operational, a verification check of the communication system from the CTM can be performed using the DRBIII a scanner at a Dodge dealership. The other mentions that if the PCM doesn't have the most updated version of  programming then it should be brought to the dealer and be reprogrammed with the most updated version.

Try these suggestions and get back to me with your results. We can go on from there.

Some of the information came from the Alldata Automotive website.
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