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ICM shuts off fuel pump

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ICM shuts off fuel pump

93 Taurus GL 3.0 v6; car stops from lack of fuel; changed fuel pump; same thing happened; with key on I touched the Integrated control Module mounted on the front drivers side by the radiator and heard and felt a clicking like a contact opening and closing and then I could hear the fuel pump. I changed this 13 months ago when this happened and again this month and the new one is acting up in two weeks. It seems like the connections are secure because I pulled on every wire and could not get it to shut off. Is it possible that the new PCM is defective or is something else causing this? When the car stops I can tap the PCM and I hear the contacts operating and hear the fuel pump and then it will start and maybe go 20 feet or 10 miles before it stops again. Thanks for your help.



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Re: ICM shuts off fuel pump

I have a question, is the part a factory part or is it an after market part form the auto part store?

I personally have had problems with after market electronic parts on my own cars. When I spent the extra money for a factory part the problems went away.

If you can tap the control unit and make it click on and off then I would suspect a faulty ICM.

But first check your power wires to the ICM to make sure the power is not flickering on and off. Check the Pink and black wire on the plug in pin 5 and also black and orange wire at pin 12 and the red wire at pin 24. You can also check all of the body grounds and the ground wires on the ICM at pin 15.

If any of the power wires flicker going into the ICM check all of the dash gauges for proper operation. If you don't have dash power at the time of the stall it could be a faulty ignition switch where the power going out of the switch is interrupted causing the intermittent fuel pump operation at the ICM.

If any are loose or corroded replace the bad connections. If it all looks good then you will probably have to replace the ICM but I would recommend the factory brand to make sure you will have a good fix.

Let us know how you make out.
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