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Error code p0022

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Error code p0022

I have a 2005 Ford Mustang GT... I installed Ford racing hot rod cams and everything went great, started right up and sounded amazing!  I drove the car and noticed it did not have any more acceleration around or past 2500 rpm...I know the timing is a over retarded cam in bank 2 (driver side).  I pulled everything apart that related to my error code p0022 (VCT solenoid, Phaser/sprocket, and cams)  and cleaned them and blew air through them. The only thing that did not look right was one of the roll pins (at that time I thought they were rivets or something of that nature) in the Phaser looked damaged.

My second related question is what role do the roll pins play in the Phaser?



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Re: Error code p0022

The pin on the phaser sprocket is a locater pin. It should be used to line up the sprocket and cam shaft for proper installation for correct valve timing.

The top of the phaser can also be damaged and would need replacement if it appears to look distorted or damaged. The roll pins assist in the rotation of the camshaft when signaled by the solenoid to do so. If the pins are damaged then replacement of the phaser must be done.

This solenoid allows pressurized oil to flow to the camshaft sprocket, which on this system, Ford calls a Cam Phaser. The cam phaser becomes pressurized by engine oil and changes the camshaft timing by varying the offset of the camshaft gear. If the roll pins are damaged then this cannot be accomplished.

A common fault of the variable camshaft timing (VCT) is a faulty solenoid. Proper operation of the solenoid should also be checked.
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Re: Error code p0022

Right...any damage to the roll pins on the front of the phaser, or the location pin on the rear, requires replacement of the phaser.

Another thing to keep in mind. There's a timing chain locking tool which wedges the chain and prevents it from jumping teeth on the crank gear while replacing camshafts. If not used, and you jump a tooth, you must R&R the front cover to re-time.

Sounds like the problem is the damaged pins and/or out of time on the left cam.

If you don't have, get the factory service manual. It's a detailed procedure, and if not followed correctly you can bend valves.
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