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2003 Chevy S10 Pick up cranks but wont start

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2003 Chevy S10 Pick up cranks but wont start

I have an S10 pick up 4.3L V6 that just crapped out on me. I Have about 130,000 miles on it and was running fine this after noon but when I tried to start it in the evening it cranks but wont start. I haven't changed my spark plugs yet so I'm hoping its just a bad plug. Everything lights up when I stick the key in the ignition and the battery is fairly new so I don't think its electrical. Also my radiator has been leaking which also could be the cause. Any advice would be helpful. Maintenance was going to be done this weekend but didn't quite make it.



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Re: 2003 Chevy S10 Pick up cranks but wont start

Don't start dumping parts into the truck until you do a complete diagnostic check of the engine.

Knowing if there are any trouble codes would be helpful. If you can get someone to scan the computer to check for codes would be great.

You have go see if you have spark at the spark plugs first, if you don't then check for spark at the coil wire (I don't know the year of your truck so this would be for older models). This would determine if the distributor cap or rotor are bad.

Your problem could be the ignition module, ignition coil, distributor cap and even the pick up coil inside the distributor. 

Other problems could be no fuel pressure which would include the fuel pump, fuel pump relay and or fuse, pressure regulator, clogged fuel filter.

If you have fuel pressure and spark then you would need to check the compression of the engine to determine any mechanical faults like timing chain or cam gear faults. If the timing chain slips a few teeth on the cam gear will cause a no start condition.

The list can go on so if you can get me more specific information on your truck like the year and more detailed information related to diagnostics or anything that can help me help you better would be great.

Let me know when you get the chance.
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