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Battery Issues

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Battery Issues

I started my Durango this morning as I have done all winter, without the slightest hesitation.  It has not shown any weakness, no "woo....woo....wooing" noises at all, even though it sits in the cold winter (20 degrees and below) nights, and starts up without ANY problems.  I went to my mechanic this morning to do an oil change, I drove it into the garage, and turned off the engine.  I spoke with my mechanic asking for an oil change and a tire rotation, he walked around the car with me, got in it, started it and drove it into the oil change bay.  As I was walking to sit in the waiting room he ran up to me asking if I had any problems with the battery??? He said that the car does not want to start, when a minute ago I just saw him start the car.  I followed him out to the oil change bay and he showed me that the car does not want to start??? How can this be when I have had no problems and it conveniently dies at the shop, a minute after I saw him start the car???



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Re: Battery Issues

If the battery cables are corroded they can give a bad connection at any given time. Have your mechanic check the battery cables for corrosion at both ends of the cable and clean those connections good with a wire brush and or battery post cleaner what ever is available.

If it all checks out then have him do a load test on the battery and then check the charging system for proper charging.
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