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Turn signals just freeze - won't blink.

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big Luke
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Turn signals just freeze - won't blink.

My daughters 98 Cherokee Sport has had blinker problems for a while. First the blinkers wouldn't cancel. I know the switch lever had failed. Then they would occasionally just freeze and would just stay on until cancelled. They wouldn't blink (just stay on solid). I ordered a new switch lever and replaced it. The lever and dimmer works fine now, but it still freezes. I'm thinking there is more wrong here. Is there a blinker relay that can fail like that? Sometimes in blinks for a little while, then freezes up.

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Re: Turn signals just freeze - won't blink.

First check all of the bulbs to see if all of the bulbs light up and then check the sockets that the bulbs plug into on those that are bad. The bulb could be bad or there could be corrosion in the bulb socket.

If all of the bulbs and sockets check out then check the flasher. There should be two of them one is for the emergency flashers and the other is for the directionals.

The flasher should be under the dash by the steering column. If you can't find it let me know.
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