Chevrolet C&K Pickup (Pre-1999):

Loud Rear end Noise!

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# 1  1/16/2013 6:42 PM

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Loud Rear end Noise!

I have Loud rear end noise, it sounds like road noise but more Extreme.I put Brakes on all four wheels, along with New wheel Bearings for front with New Wheel Cylinders & Springs.



# 2  1/16/2013 9:24 PM

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Re: Loud Rear end Noise!

Was the noise there before you did all of this work?

Or did you do all this work to fix the noise you are hearing?

Either you have to recheck all of your work to locate the noise if you didn't have the noise before.

If you had the noise before you did the work then you probably have a bad bearing in the rear end axle. The bearings consist of the carrier bearings, pinion bearings or the axle bearings.

If the drive shaft has a hanger bearing you would also need to check that also.
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