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SS Brakes manufactures a 2 piston over sized caliper to be  used with the OEM rotors that they claim greater stopping power.  I pull a 13 ft travel trailer,  and need all the help I can get, given the fact that my 1999 4x4 1500 Suburban with towing package  has a known bad braking system. Now if these calipers are not my cure all, then what is?
I am just tired of these brakes, and it's not just to do with the trailer I tow, they are just a bad design bad.


Thanks. Harry



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Re: Calipers

Given the task of more braking power the representative at SS Brake will need some detailed information like the year and exact model of your truck, the size of your tires, the size and weight of the trailer and what brake system is in your Suburban now and what brand of brake pads you are using now and even changing the combination valve.

The kit he suggests would have to be compared to the brake specs the original equipment has and the representative can compare and match what brake kit would be best for your truck.

The kit may include the bigger calipers, rotors and you may even have to replace the spindle to adapt the new equipment. 

Talk to them first and see what they suggest. There may even be a better product made by a different company that the representative could suggest that may better suite your needs.

There is also a service bulletin that may help you with your problem. I listed it below.

Bulletin No.: 99-05-24-001A

Date: September, 1999


Brake Lead/Pull and Front Brake Wear
(Replace Front Brake Pads and/or Rear Brake Shoes)

1992-99   Chevrolet and GMC C/K Cab Chassis, Crew Cab, and
          Pickup Models with Power Brakes (RPO JB8)
1992-99   Chevrolet and GMC C/K Suburban Models
          with 8600 # Gross Vehicle Weight (RPO C6P)
1996-2000 Chevrolet and GMC G Vans with Power Brakes (RPO JD7 & JB8)
          and Gross Vehicle Weight of 7,700 # up to 9,500 # (RPO's C3F, C6P, & E23)

This bulletin is being revised to update information in the Models Section and Correction Information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 99-05-24-001 (Section 5 - Brakes).

Some owners may comment about the vehicle leading or pulling to either side while applying the brakes, and premature front brake wear, especially vehicles that have been used to tow a heavy load.

The condition may be caused by wearing of the front brake material. Improvements to the above conditions can be gained through brake material modifications. On the Suburban models, the best performance from this new brake material can be achieved with replacing the brake combination valve.

Replace the rear brake shoes with P/N 18029651. THIS FIX DOES NOT APPLY TO THE 13 x 2-1/2 BRAKE, DURASTOP(TM) P/N 18029650, OR ANY OTHER SIZE. On Suburban models, a brake combination valve must be replaced. ALL OTHER MODELS (C/K, G Van), NO BRAKE COMBINATION VALVE CHANGE IS REQUIRED.

Refer to the Drum Brakes or Hydraulic Brakes subsection of the appropriate Service Manual. For G2/G3 Series Vans only (with Gross Vehicle Weight of 7,700 # up to 9,500 # - RPOs C3F, C6P, E23) also replace the front brakes pads with P/N 12471685. Refer to the Disc Brake subsection of the appropriate Service Manual.

Important: The new front brake pad material has been selected for improved wear characteristics. Some customers may experience increased brake noise from this brake pad and should be advised that some squeal is a characteristic of this particular material.

Important: If you encounter disc brakes that are extremely worn on the inboard side, with very little wear to the outboard side, verify the clearance between the caliper and the steering knuckle bracket stops.

MEASURE THE CLEARANCES INDIVIDUALLY AND ADD THE CLEARANCES TOGETHER FOR TOTAL CLEARANCE BEFORE REMOVING THE CALIPER. If the caliper (total clearance) to the steering knuckle stops is under 0.26 mm (0.010 in), correct this by filing metal off at the steering knuckle stops in order to obtain a total clearance of 0.26 to 0.60 mm (0.010 to 0.024 in). DO NOT FILE METAL OFF OF THE CALIPER. Refer to the Disc Brake subsection of the appropriate Service Manual for additional information on this procedure.
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