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Hard to start & cutting out when first accelerating

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Hard to start & cutting out when first accelerating

Yes I have a 1997 Saturn SL, 1.9 / 8 VIN. It's got where it's hard to start (most of the time) and other times it starts right up. Once it starts I can rev the motor and hold it, and it revs but rapidly misses. Once started it seems to idle fine, but when you take off the engine wants to die unless you baby the throttle. Once going it runs fine, even on the interstate, no missing/cutting out/misfires. I have changed the spark plugs (looks like they are burning lean) and have replaced the plug wires. Put injection cleaner in with a full tank of premium gas. Is this my injectors or fuel pump or what. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but when this first started I checked my plugs and noticed the #1 spark plug cavity was filling up with oil do to a bad gasket and I thought maybe it was causing the plug to foul out. I eventually replaced the gasket. Could this have been any kind of contributing factor. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Hard to start & cutting out when first accelerating

A fuel pressure test should be done to be sure it is putting out the proper regulated fuel pressure.

Using an ignition scope can help rule out any ignition problem.

It is possible that the oil could have contributed to the problem. Did the problem go away after you fixed the gasket?
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