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4 wheel drive doesn't stay engaged

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# 1  11/15/2012 5:41 AM

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4 wheel drive doesn't stay engaged

I have a 1996 ford explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 l with automatic transmission. As of last week when I switched the selector  from 2 wheel drive to 4 auto its fine for like 20 seconds then the 4 low light and 4 auto light flash a few times and it goes back to 2 wheel drive what is the problem?
It hasn't been  wrecked or damaged in anyway it just started doing  it.



# 2  11/15/2012 3:05 PM

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Re: 4 wheel drive doesn't stay engaged

If you can have the computer system scanned for any trouble codes. This will determine if the problem is electrical or mechanical.

If a trouble codes pops up it will probably be an actuator problem or the electrical circuit going to it.

This system is very touchy and complicated and would probably need a professional mechanic to look at it because he has the special tools to handle the job.
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# 3  11/15/2012 11:28 PM

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Re: 4 wheel drive doesn't stay engaged

Have you recently replaced any tires?  Ford is kinda picky about tire sizes and the actuation of the 4WD.

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