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Replacing the fuel filter

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Replacing the fuel filter

I have an 2002 Lincoln LS V8 3.9L engine and am trying to replace the fuel filter I have purchased the fuel filter but can't seem to locate the existing fuel filter itself. I'm a small time mechanic but never really worked on Lincolns so if anyone has any info that can help me here it would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Replacing the fuel filter

Here is written instructions from Ford's online repair manuals:  You will need the fuel line disconnect tools to release the fuel lines from the filter.

Disconnect the battery ground cable.
Relieve the fuel system pressure.
Raise the vehicle.
Remove the left front wheel and tire assembly.
Remove the left wheel well splash shield pin-type fasteners and splash shield.

Disconnect the fuel line fittings.
Remove the bolt at the fuel filter bracket and remove the fuel filter .

If necessary, separate the filter from the bracket for reuse.
To install, reverse the removal procedure.

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