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4wd service light, braking issue and service air bag light

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4wd service light, braking issue and service air bag light

First off thank you for any advice/knowledge that you are willing to share. It is very much appreciated. I plan to take my 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 into the dealership to get my problems diagnosed but I want to have a little knowledge of my issues before they come back saying there are 1,000 problems wrong and it will cost x amount of dollars. My truck has about 63,000 miles on it and replaced the front brake pads and rotors about 3,000 miles ago. Braking works fine and stops on a dime EXCEPT when I come to a complete stop. I come up to a stop sign or stop light and the last 2-3 seconds before I come to a complete stop my brakes get really cushiony and then stops. Sometimes I feel a slight vibration and sometimes it stops normal like it should. There definitely is a problem as I have the issue 50-75 percent of the time when I come to a complete stop. I'm really clueless as to what the issue is. Friends of mine that are a little more knowledgable in mechanics have had various opinions ranging from calipers sticking to O2 sensor. I also have service 4wd light come on and I'm curious if they are directly related. I can only engage into 4wd right after I start my truck but as soon as the light comes on it won't let me switch into 4wd. Around the same time I started receiving service air bag light and checked all my fuses to see if I was having an electrical issue and nothing seems to be blown. Once again, just trying to do some due diligence on my issues and see if any of these issues I can fix myself with my mechanic before I get annihilated by labor charges at the dealership. Thanks



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Re: 4wd service light, braking issue and service air bag light

The brakes may just need an adjustment or have the brake system bled.

There is a recall on the Bosch  hydro-boost brake booster where the pressure accumulator may have cracks in it. The dealer should take care of this for you at their expense.

In the dealer they will check your truck with a scanner to retrieve any trouble codes. This will tell the mechanic the areas that need attention.

The 4 wheel drive and air bag trouble codes will direct the mechanic to areas of shift motors, shift modules and or faulty wiring problems ranging from broken wires to corrosion.

If you have any problem understanding of the report the mechanic gives you, get back to us and we can help you understand what is going on.
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