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no timing mark

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no timing mark

i have a 1975 mustang, 2300 engine. had to replace the timing belt but there is NO timing mark on the cam sprocket to line up with the timing pointer. the sprocket has three oblong holes that are equally spaced apart and between two of those are a hole about 5/16. does anyone know how to set the cam with out having the mark or any ideas what to do



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Re: no timing mark

The cam sprocket should have a point on one of the three oblong holes that point should line up with a dot on the head. It should roughly be in the area of the 4 to 5 o'clock position.

The crank shaft should be lined up to the zero on the timing scale. Install the belt and rotate the engine by hand in the direction the engine normally runs with the spark plugs out. Make sure you do two rotations of the engine and line up the marks again. They should line up.

Any other questions just ask we will be glad to help.
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