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Master fuse for entire car?

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Master fuse for entire car?

My 1998 Oldsmobile Eighty-eight was running fine.  I had to replace the battery. While replacing the battery, I arced across some metal. Now I have no power anywhere past the battery. My question is there a "master" fuse that I may have blown and if so what is the location of it?



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Re: Master fuse for entire car?

Check for power from the positive cable to the power maxi-fuse electric panels on the left and right side of the engine compartment. Pay attention to the ignition fuses they are 60 AMP fuses in both fuse panels.

Also check to see if you have power to the alternator and starter solenoid.   

If you don't have power to the fuse panels then recheck your battery cable connections and feed wires for continuity.

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