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Headlight distance adjustment

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Headlight distance adjustment

Mercedes Benz 1998 CLK coupe
Original headlights but have had replaced bulbs recently in both sides.
The distance does not appear to cover properly on low beams. Seems to point down maybe 15 feet out from front end and not cover a wide lighted pattern on road.
Is there an adjustment that can be made for distance and direction?
High beams throw out more light power from secondary independent lights.
The old days we had the sealed beams headlights with adjustment screws to turn and lift and be manually adjusted to pass the inspection test.
I hope that you can help me



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Re: Headlight distance adjustment

Because the headlights are controlled by a control module, adjustment motors and height sensors on the axles you would need to take the car to a professional mechanic who has headlight aimers so the adjustment can be done properly.

But if you can't get to a mechanic there should be an adjustment screw in the headlight area to adjust the range of the headlight refraction of each individual headlight assembly so you can get the headlights to point approximately in the same.
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