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Breaks failing when making tight turn.

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Breaks failing when making tight turn.

I have a 97 GMC Sierra 1500. The breaks work fine almost all of the time. I was pulling into a parking spot, had the steering turned all the way to the left and foot on the break pedal. It felt like the abs system kicked in and the truck didn't stop until I bumped the building I was parking by. It only does this occasionally and has only happened when the steering was turned all the way one direction. Front pads and rotors are new and so is the master cylinder. The rotors don't like they've had any fluid or oil leaked on them. Any ideas what may be causing this?



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Re: Breaks failing when making tight turn.

Check the wheel speed sensors; they may be loose or have poor connections.

It sounds like the anti lock brakes are applying when pressure is put on the wires on the speed sensors when the wheel is turned all the way and causing a false signal to the computer and activating the anti lock brakes.
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