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window and door locks

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window and door locks

My 1999 cherokee windows and door locks will only work from drivers door controls. i was told that the drivers control needed to be replaced and also told that it could just be fuses.



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Re: window and door locks

Each power window switch controls its power window motor by switching battery current and ground between the terminals of the power window motor.

The passenger side front door and, on four-door models, both rear door power window switches receive their battery feed through the power window lockout switch or through the master switches in the DDM. Also, each of the individual power window switches receives its ground through the DDM.

When the lockout switch is placed in the Lock position, the individual power window switches become inoperative because they have no battery current available to them. However, the master switches are unaffected by the lockout switch position.

The power lock system allows all of the doors and the liftgate to be locked or unlocked electrically by operating the switch on either front door trim panel. This system operates with battery power supplied I through a fuse in the junction block, independent of the ignition switch.

The power lock system includes a lock inhibit feature, which prevents the doors from being locked by the power lock system if the driver door is open with the key in the ignition switch or with the headlamp switch in the On position. However, the lock inhibit feature will not prevent manual locking of the vehicle using the manual lock buttons or the key cylinders.

The power lock system includes the front door power lock switches integral to the driver and passenger door modules, and the power lock motors mounted in each door and the liftgate. The power lock control circuitry and the power lock and unlock relays are integral to the Passenger Door Module (PDM) .

Refer to the owner's manual in the vehicle glove box for more information on the features, use and operation of the power lock system.

Some of this information is from the Alldata website.
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