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Electric brake controller problem

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Electric brake controller problem

Hi All,

I have a 07 Sierra 2500 HD that has the factory electric trailer brake controller. It has a " Service Trailer Brake System" message on the dash display & the trailer brakes are not working. I checked all of the fuses but found none bad. Any ideas on where I should go from this point? Thanks in advance for whatever help anyone can offer.



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Re: Electric brake controller problem

The first thing to do is to have someone scan the computer system for any trouble codes. Repair any codes that come up.

Check the grounds and wire connections at the plug to make sure there are no broken or corroded wires on the rear plug connection.

If no problem is found then you may want to look into the service bulletin listed below, it may help you with your problem.

I listed the service bulletin I got from the Alldata information website below.

Bulletin No.: 09-05-22-004
Date: November 05, 2009
Subject: No "Trailer Connected" Message on Driver Information Center (DIC) at Startup When Trailer is Connected (Reprogram ITBCM)

2007-2008 Chevrolet Silverado
2007-2008 GMC Sierra
Equipped with Integrated Trailer Brake (RPO JL1)

Some customers may comment that when they connect their trailer, with the engine off, and after they start the engine, the Trailer Connected message is not displayed on the DIC. With the engine running, if the trailer connector is cycled, the vehicle will detect the trailer and display Trailer Connected. This concern should only affect trailers equipped with trailer brakes on a single axle.

The trailer brake control system is only compatible with trailers equipped with electric trailer brakes. The system will not work or detect trailers equipped with any other types of brakes such as surge, air or electric-over-hydraulic trailer brake systems. When a trailer is connected, the Trailer Brake Control Module (TBCM) performs a test to determine if the trailer is equipped with electric trailer brakes. If the trailer wiring or electric trailer brake magnets have additional resistance (caused by poor connections, corrosion, improper splices, etc.), the TBCM may not be able to detect the trailer.

A revised calibration has been developed to address these issues. Reprogram the Integrated Trailer Brake Control Module (ITBCM) with updated calibration files using the TIS2WEB Service Programming System (SPS) application. Refer to SI and Service Programming System (SPS) documentation for programming instructions, if required. Refer to Trailer Brake Control Module Programming and Setup in SI.
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