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Battery light on and no power steering

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Battery light on and no power steering

I have a 93 Buick Century that is generally in good shape with less than 100,000 miles. However, on the way home from work today my husband said the check engine light came on and the power steering died at the same time. It didn't die, however he made it home. I just tried it (several hours later) and it did start right up. But the engine light came on and still no power steering. Any ideas? Thanks!



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Re: Battery light on and no power steering

Knowing what the code is that is turning on the check engine light would be helpful. Your mechanic or knowing someone who has a scanner or code reader can help identify the trouble code. Repair the trouble code and go on from there.

The power steering could possibly be another problem. Checking the power steering belt, fluid level and steering rack hoses and steering rack mounts may help identify the steering malfunction. A pressure test may be needed to help diagnosis the possibility of a bad power steering pump or steering rack.

Try these suggestions and get back to me with your results, we can go on from there.

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