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Starting problem in honda civic?

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# 1  7/18/2012 1:06 PM

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Starting problem in honda civic?

I have bought a new Honda Civic 6 month ago. Now in rainy or winter season sometimes my car doesn't start and sometimes it takes time to start. It's a big problem for me. I don't want to spend more money, if it can be solved by myself. Is it because of Oil gets a lot thicker in cold weather or Battery has problems in cold weather.
What do I have to do with this condition?



# 2  7/19/2012 3:35 AM

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Re: Starting problem in honda civic?

If the car is new then you shouldn't have to do a thing because it should be under warranty.

Bring it to the dealer and have them inspect the computer and fuel system for trouble codes or malfunctions. If they see any trouble codes they should be repaired under warranty.

Sometimes the computer (PCM) may need to be reprogrammed with a newer version of the computer program to solve the problem.

Bring the car to the dealer and go on from there, that's a start.
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Re: Starting problem in honda civic?

Well, no need to worry. Please check the sparkplugs.

For more information check here


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