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2000 Tahoe Z71

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2000 Tahoe Z71

When I press the brake pedal the brake lights come on sometimes and sometimes not. But if I press the hazard lights button and release they will work for awhile. Does my problem lie in the switch on the brake pedal or in the column?



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Re: 2000 Tahoe Z71

The STOP LPS fuse supplies battery positive voltage (B+) at all times to the stop lamp switch. When the brake pedal is depressed, CKT 17 supplies battery positive voltage (B+) to the VEH STOP and the CHMSL fuses causing the lamps to light.

Using a test light check both sides of the brake switch when the lights don't work. If you don't have voltage at both sides of the brake switch then you probably have a bad brake switch.

Get back to me if you need more diagnostic help.
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