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Jolt At Low Speeds

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Jolt At Low Speeds

Hello! I own a 2000 Dodge Stratus. Last week I noticed that when I accelerated and decelerated at low speeds my car would "jolt". The feeling reminds me of when my old car would stall and my boyfriend describes the feeling as if it is slipping a gear. It only "jolts" at low speeds (normally around 20 mph) for the first few minutes of the drive. My "check engine" light is also on. Any suggestions? Thank you!



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Re: Jolt At Low Speeds

I would take the car to a mechanic to see what the check engine light is first.

The transmission problem could be triggering a trouble code and putting the check engine light on.

The trouble code will direct the mechanic in the proper area of the problem so he can diagnosis and confirm the problem.

Is the car standard or automatic?

What size engine is in the car?

If you can describe the problem in more detail I can possibly give you a better answer.

Find out what trouble code is stored first then get back to us with the results. We can go on from there.
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