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Engine Trouble Codes

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Engine Trouble Codes

I have an 03 Murano SL, awd with 3.5  Trouble code popped up indicating timing is off on cam bank 1 and cam bank 2.  My question is:  What is the fix???


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Re: Engine Trouble Codes

Knowing the exact code would be helpful for me to help answer your question.

Usually when this code comes up it could be telling you one of two things. The first is that the sensor or related wiring may be faulty.

The other is the timing chain may have stretched or slipped a tooth causing the valve timing to be off setting the code. 

Having the car checked by your local professional mechanic would be a good idea as soon as possible before any damage to the engine can occur.

This is a service bulletin I found on the Alldata information website that may be helpful.

Classification: EM06-005a

Reference: NTB06-079a

Date: January 24, 2008


This bulletin has been amended. The Applied Vehicles section has been expanded. No other changes have been made. Please discard any other copies.

All 1996 - 2009 with Variable Valve Timing

VQ35; QR25; QG1B; GA16; VQ40; VK56; MR18; MR20


The MIL is on with any of the following DTCs stored:

P0011, P0014, P0021, P0024, P1110, P1135,

NOTE: The engine may also have Camshaft Sprocket rattle noise and/or other engine noise.


Do Not replace the variable valve timing Solenoid Valve or the Sprocket(s) without performing the complete diagnostics indicated in the EC section of the Service Manual.

The first steps in the complete diagnostic are to make sure the:

Engine oil is at the operating level; add oil if needed. Refer to the Service Manual for low oil level diagnoses if needed.

Oil pressure is normal when measured with a gauge at the pressure switch port. Refer to the Service Manual for low oil pressure diagnoses if needed.
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Nissan / Datsun Murano Recalls, TSBs and Service Information >> ALLDATA


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