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wiper motor repair

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wiper motor repair

The wipers on our 93 Eagle Vision stopped working. I can get the wiper motor but I'm having a hard time finding any installation instructions, anybody got a source. I'm also trying to track down a repair manual.



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Re: wiper motor repair

You can get a subscription at the Alldata automotive information website cheap for your car if you can't find a manual for the vehicle. Alldata will have just about all of the information you need for your vehicle including any service bulletins.

The web site is ALLDATAdiy.com.

The procedure below came from the Alldata information website.



Remove wiper arms and blades and disconnect hoses from in-line connector.
Remove rear hood seal with cowl top plastic screen and disconnect washer hose at in-line connector.
Disconnect motor connector at back side of housing.
Remove wiper housing retaining screws then the wiper housing module.
Disconnect and remove wiper drive link from motor crank.
Remove motor mounting screws then lift motor and mounting plate out of housing.
Disconnect motor harness grommet from housing.
Reverse procedure to install, torquing crank motor nut to 89-124 inch lbs. and motor mounting screws to 89-106 inch lbs.

There is also a service bulletin on the wiper motor that when it is removed you should drill extra holes in the wiper motor carrier pocket for extra drainage. The Alldata web site can provide you with this service bulletin with pictures.

If you need more help just ask we are here to help.

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