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Raw Gas Smell

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Raw Gas Smell

I have a 2001 Kia Sportage with 60,000 miles. Entire car is like new.  When outside air temp is below 40 degrees and I start the engine, gas smell inside the car is heavy, above 40 degrees, no gas smell. Makes no difference how much gas is in the tank or whether I have just filled it. The dealership had it 2 days and could find nothing. Any suggestions?




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Re: Raw Gas Smell

When you get a gas smell it can usually mean fumes are venting into the air and not necessarily mean a gas leak.

First thing to check is all the hoses to the air cleaner, hoses to the engine and air cleaner, the mass air flow sensor and plenum hoses. Check for loose hoses, cracks, misalignment and hoses that may of came off or apart.

Check the EVAP (Evaporative Emission System) for hoses that may be cracked, rotted or came apart. Check the charcoal canister filter; if it was never changed it could be clogged and need to be replaced. Check all the valves and solenoids in the system for proper operation.

The EVAP system will work according to the ambient temperature and engine temperature and at the temperature that you are mentioning it is possible the operation of the system is affected and causing fumes to escape. Sometimes a trouble code is set.

There is a service bulletin on the fuel system pertaining to the hoses to the fuel system. It is KT2006050901 Dated 5-11-2006 Recall SC059 Fuel Tank inspection. It requires the mechanic to inspect the hoses to the fuel tank and EVAP system (because they are connected to the fuel tank) and repair any hose that may be faulty.

Check these few suggestions out and let us know if they are helpful. We can do more diagnosing if we need to.
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