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2000 VW Passat v-6 codes 1411 & 1423

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2000 VW Passat v-6 codes 1411 & 1423

Any help or information on this topic.



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Re: 2000 VW Passat v-6 codes 1411 & 1423

Function: Secondary air system provided by Alldata.

The secondary air system blows air in behind the exhaust valve for 65 seconds during the cold start (+15°C - +35°C coolant temperature). This produces an oxygen rich exhaust gas, causes after burning and reduces the heating-up phase of the catalyst. Activation occurs from the Motronic control module (J220) via the Secondary Air Injection (AIR) pump relay -J299 to Secondary Air Injection (AIR) valve -N112- and combi-valve. Additionally after each subsequent engine start (up to max. 85°C engine temperature) the secondary air system will, after a 20 second delay, switch in for 5 seconds during idling and will be checked by the On Board Diagnostic (OBD).

P1411 17819 Secondary Air Injection System, Bank2 Flow Too Flow.

P1423 17831 Secondary Air Injection System, Bank1 Flow Too Low.

The AIR injection system has a leak at the hoses usually at the rear of the engine. Inspect the hoses to the two combination valves at the rear of each head and most of the time you will find the hoses have holes in them caused by deterioration.

Replacing the hoses usually fix the problem.

If you need more information let me know I'll be glad to help.
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