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Theft Light Stays on and blinks

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Theft Light Stays on and blinks

My theft light stays on and blinks when car is turned off. It does go out when car is started.
What could be the problem?
And how to fix.
Thank-you for your time.



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Re: Theft Light Stays on and blinks

I have found a description of the operation of the light with the key on and off on the Alldata information website. It is listed below. I hope this helps you.

If you need additional information then give me a detailed description of the problem with more details of the car like the year, model, engine size (eighth digit of the VIN number).

The PATS (Passive Antitheft System) uses a visual theft indicator. The indicator will prove out for three seconds when the ignition switch is turned to RUN or START under normal operation. If there is a PATS problem, this indicator will either flash rapidly or glow steadily when the ignition switch is turned to RUN or START. The PATS system also flashes the theft indicator every two seconds at ignition OFF to act as a visual deterrent.

The PATS will be activated and will disable the vehicle from starting if there is a:

improper encoded ignition key (example - Taurus/Sable key).
damaged encoded ignition key.
unprogrammed key.
non-encoded key (key has no electronics).
damaged wiring.
damaged transceiver.
damaged PCM.
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