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Blend Door Actuator

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Blend Door Actuator

I have a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis LS.  Heat only was coming out of the vents no matter what setting was on.  I took the car to the local Ford/Mercury Dealer and informed them of the problem.  They were able to get it working in a couple of minutes, but said that it was only temporary and that it would probably happen again.  They gave me a price to repair it which included mostly labor because it was located behind the dash.  That was about one month ago and it has worked fine since. Can anyone let me in on the secret of what they did to "temporarily" fix this?  Thanks!

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Re: Blend Door Actuator

If I had to guess the air blend door linkage came off of the blend door or the blend door motor.

Can't tell you exactly because I don't know how long it took the mechanic last time. The linkage for the door may be faulty or where the linkage hooks up to may be faulty.

Can't tell until I actually see the problem.
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