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2007 Camry CE Rough Idle

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2007 Camry CE Rough Idle

My 2007 Camry CE idle rough in drive with a brakes on. It idles rough at 500rpm and smooths out at any level above 500rpm.It has the 4 cyl engine with automatic transmission.



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Re: 2007 Camry CE Rough Idle

This problem can be caused by a few areas and components. It could vary from fuel and emission problems, ignition problems to engine problems.

There are two service bulletins that refer to the EVAP (evaporative emission system) where fuel enters the EVAP system and can cause a rough idle and or stalling.

A clogged fuel injector can give the engine a missing condition.

A vacuum leak at a vacuum hose caused by coming off the engine or being cracked or worn through, intake manifold gasket, throttle body base gasket can cause also cause this condition.

A valve problem like being out of adjustment, burned or fouled with carbon where the valve(s) can not seat all the way can also contribute to this problem.

There are ignition problems that can also do this like a malfunctioning or fouled spark plug, ignition wire or coil on plug malfunction.

There are other problems that can be listed but this list is complicated already.

You need to get your car to your local Toyota dealer and have a mechanic scan your computer and engine for possible trouble codes that may contribute to this problem.

If you're lucky your problem may still be covered under warranty providing you are still in the range of mileage and years under your warranty provided with your car. The dealer can let you know if you are still covered under the warranty.
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Re: 2007 Camry CE Rough Idle

If it only idles rough in Drive, but not Park, Neutral or Reverse, it's most likely a broken engine mount.
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