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89 5 speed, can only use 4?

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89 5 speed, can only use 4?

I have an 89 F-150 XLT with the 5.0 V8, It is a 5 speed only problem is that a few weeks ago i was driving down the road and it kicked the clutch out of overdrive and when I tried to put it back in it wouldn't go? All the other gears work just fine and don't stick or anything. It feels like there is just a gap where 5th should be and I can actually get it into fifth if I push it up pretty far??? Any ideas what is going on?



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Re: 89 5 speed, can only use 4?

It could be a malfunction in the fifth gear synchronizer, synchronizer sleeve, shift fork or shaft.

It could be as simple as a transmission or engine mount.

A qualified mechanic who specializes in transmissions can confirm the diagnosis after he inspects and test drives the vehicle.
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