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1991 Loyale hard starting, no acceleration power

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1991 Loyale hard starting, no acceleration power

I have a 1991 Subaru Loyale, 1.8L.  It has no acceleration power, idle drops to 750, no play with rpm gauge.  I replaced EGR solenoid, sparks plugs and wires, O2 sensor, checked the IACV, TPS, FPR, retarded the timing completely and it has better acceleration, but still a lot of vibration. Checked the MAF sensor, there is no MAP sensor.  I need help!  I have yet to pay for diagnostics, but I am getting frustrated.  Any ideas?



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Re: 1991 Loyale hard starting, no acceleration power

How many miles on the car and engine? the timing belt maintenance miles is about 60,000 miles.

It sounds like it may have skipped a tooth on the timing belt. Take number one spark plug out and get the cylinder on the compression stroke and the piston at top dead center {TDC). Take the distributor cap off and check the position of the rotor, it should be pointing at number one cylinder. If it is not pointing to number one cylinder then check the condition of the timing belt, if it is good then you will have to remove the distributor and reset it to point to number one position in the distributor cap.

You can take a compression test of the engine, if the compression is low on all four cylinders then it would be an indication of a belt that slipped a tooth or two and you would have to replace the timing belt.

If compression is good then reset the distributor.

Let me know how you make out with these suggestions. We can go on from there. There are still other things you can check out.
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