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Drop phone in dash of 03ramTruck

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Drop phone in dash of 03ramTruck

Vents were gone in dash due years in sun. My cell Phone did a hole in one down the vent in middle Of dash at base of windshield! Spent the most of two days trying to fish, grab, stick, the phone back out!  And on third day started removing dash! If wasn't my work the phone it could stay there! After most of dash front removed I notice there is not much duct work to get to. Do I keep removing more dash ? It keeps ringing and now low battery beep driving me nuts. At first was able to see with my optic cam then dropped back down, now can't see at all.



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Re: Drop phone in dash of 03ramTruck

You will probably have to keep removing the entire evaporator box to get the phone out.

You need to pay attention to the AIR BAG in the dashboard; a simple charge of static electricity can set the AIR BAG off.

Disconnect the battery if you continue to remove the evaporator box just to be safe.
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